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The Hippie

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Vegan Bloody Mary Mix

What's up my earthly siblings, gather round and let's vibe about me, a truly cosmic elixir, The Hippie. We're talking about sun-ripened tomatoes, man, picked at the height of their karmic journey. Then, in this beautiful act of culinary meditation, we've blended them with over 10 exotic spices from around our magnificent planet. Each one is like a little ambassador of global unity, bringing its own groovy flavor notes to this peaceful party. The Hippie is a vegan symphony, my friends. It's crafted with nothing but respect for all beings, big and small. Whether you're recovering from a night of dancing under the stars or just starting your day in mindful reflection, let this mix guide you back to your center.

More About The Hippie: All natural, gluten free Bloody Mary mix made from North Carolina tomatoes aggressively seasoned with top secret but delicious spices. The only thing you have to add to your Morning After is your favorite vodka, gin, tequila - or just ice!

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