Meet the Flavors

Say hello to our unbelievably fresh lineup. They're a bunch of characters - but we love each and every one of them. 


Eyyy, ova here! You lookin' to get in on the good stuff? This ain't just some Bloody Mary mixer you find at the corner store. The OG is a whole 'nother breed - the big boss, the don, the head honcho of Bloody Marys, capisce? We're talkin' a classic, no-frills recipe that's been passin' down through the family for generations. No imitators, no punks - just pure, undisputed Bloody Mary royalty. So whataya say? You got the cahones to run with The OG? This is your one and only chance to get in on the ultimate Bloody Mary game. 


Alright, listen up party people! The one and only Sass has arrived to wake up your boring mornings. I'm the bold, bodacious Bloody Mary Mix that's going to spice up your life in the most delicious way possible. But I'm more than just a pretty taste - I'm the ultimate hair of the dog revival juice. So pucker up, let's get saucy! I'm bold, I'm brazen, and I'm about to make your mornings a whole lot sassier. Bottoms up, honey!


Saddle up, pardners! The name's Smoke, and I'm the meanest, most smokin' Bloody Mary mix to ever mosey on into town. I'm a real shot of the wild west, made from the finest smoked tomatoes and a smoky spice blend that'll brand your taste buds with flavor so rich and bold, you'll swear you're sittin' round a campfire. Thishere mixer ain't for the faint of heart. When you tie one on with ol' Smoke, you're in for a buck-wild, blown-away kind of experience.


*snickers mischievously* They call me Burn, baby, and I'm the Bloody Mary mix with some serious spice and attitude. One sip and you'll be feeling that delicious, tingly heat spreading through your body. You think you can handle me? I'm loaded with fiery chilies and zesty flavors that'll wake you up proper...if you can take the heat, that is. *winks* So whataya say, gorgeous? Are you bold enough for a taste of The Burn? Let's misbehave...


Oh my gawd, you guys! Have you heard about me - the Bloody Mary mix that's, like, totally blowing up right now? I'm called The Basic and I'm, well...basic. But in a good way! The Basic is perfect for those mornings when you just need something reliably yummy and unpretentious to sip on while you're getting your brunch selfie game on point. It's got that classic, tomatoey taste we all know and love, but with the perfect little kick of spice. Ugh, so good!


What's shakin' my groovy pals? This is The Hippie, the far-out, totally vegan and Mother Nature-approved Bloody Mary mix here to raise your vibrational frequency. Unite with me, vibe tribe! Let's join souls and sip this bountiful, animal-friendly potion. The Hippie's vibes are a real transcendental experience, leaving you grounded, awakened and totally far-out. Let's get this Mother Nature love-in started!